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"We have it in our power to make the world over again."                                                                                                   -  Thomas Paine

Our Mission

Our mission is displacing the present unfreedom by providing alternatives that solve the many problems we are confronting today.  

About Free Market Freedom

       All political action exacts costs that should be calculated as part of cost/benefit analyses to be taken into account before political action is chosen.  Having watched the use of government and the attempts to change it by grabbing ''the reins of government" and substituting freedom, we can say with certitude this has NEVER been productive.  Part of using the Free Market, is understanding the tools which automatically create freedom.
      The Free Market is a tool.  Like any tool, the outcome depends on freedom of choice by all parties.  People who have no choices are, by definition, not free agents.  
     On this site we will provide proof this is an irrefutable fact.  But this site is not here to say NO, it exists to point you to Free Market Solutions and the tools to be used to achieve a peaceful transition to a human world which assumes, as a given, each of us is, and ought to be free.   
        Instead of 'society' we call this voliety, meaning people take action as individuals in cooperation with each other voluntarily using tools to protect both parties and those their actions will impact.  Externalities, liabilities, risks, can be accounted for by using the appropriate tools.  Failure to use this creates a liability for those who intentionally seek to evade these costs and responsibilities.    
        Free Market Freedom is the place you come to find solutions to problems that plague us today in a world ground down and drained by the combination of government and corporate greed. 
     After nearly half a century of efforts by the Libertarian Party no substantial progress has been made toward freedom, a working system of justice, and recognition of the autonomy of the individual.  However, a class of individuals was created who provide non-free market policies and proposals which, in many cases, ignore the impact of corporations on people and property.  Some of these identify themselves as 'Libertarian' or 'pro-freedom'.  We take issue with their assertion.  

Now, at a time when the world is collapsing around us, the LP remains a top-down organization far more focused on engaging in small changes negating government initiatives; rather than in displacing the present system with real Free Market alternatives.  Instead of focusing on attempting to reform these,  we are begin building freedom with the essential tool on which freedom depends, the Free Market.  

Here, we direct you to the tools needed to change course to a world where we can expect honesty, concern for others and the opportunity to achieve the best within each of us.  Don't take our word for it; examine these in detail and decide for yourself what works for you.

Be The Solution

Today, we view with frustration and anger the roadblocks, inaction, and inability of any existing organizations, from the government to the Sierra Club, to offer real solutions to the problem of Climate Change.   We note there is a steady upward trend in the temperature worldwide.  This may, or may not be caused by human action or by conditions related to our present placement in the galaxy, now approaching the Orion Arm.  The real issue is what to do about these changing conditions.  We identify these and how they can be introduced to the marketplace.  As part of these campaigns, we point to interference by government and the cooperation between government and existing predatory corporations. 

Here, we provide actions that will work.  We call your attention to these and will publish the IMMEDIATE ACTION LIST with suggestions on how these can be carried out. 

And to young people today  - as you have now seen, you will have to do it yourselves.  We call your attention to earlier actionaries who accomplished seemingly impossible goals.  

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Mohandas K. Gandhi

Alice Paul

Caesar Chavez

             Both Gandhi and Chevez followed the strategy followed by Alice Paul for direct confrontation of those violating the rights of individuals.  All three engaged in hunger strikes or fasting to focus attention on their issues.   The strategy chosen was always non-violent while making the point in ways that engaged the public in support of the campaign.  The ERA activists stood outside the White House demanding the vote;  they were imprisoned but refused to give up.   Their protest became news because they were women standing up to authority.  President Wilson conceded, supporting the measure. In 1919, both the House and Senate passed the 19th Amendment and the battle for state ratification commenced; on August 18, 1920, Tennessee ratified the 19th Amendment. Six days later, Secretary of State Colby certified the ratification.
              Gandhi, who returned to India in 1915 from South Africa, he assumed leadership of the Indian National Congress in 1921. Gandhi led nationwide campaigns for various social causes, building a base of support for Swaraj or self-rule.  This was achieved in August 1947.
            Cesar Chavez founded the United Farm Workers on his birthday, March 31, 1962.  He would refuse the appointment offered by Kennedy to become head of the Peace Corp and continue to work in poverty.  The boycotts he organized, along with the hideous stories of conditions endured by farmworkers, finally forced the Western Growers Organization to concede.

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